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The Effects of a Doctor’s Opinion on Disability Claims

Oftentimes in Social Security disability cases, doctors can show concern with regard to what they should or should not say about their patient’s ability to work and perform other activities. However, the basis of this concern is often based on the misguided perception that a patient has to be practically confined to a bed in order to be found disabled by the Social Security Administration. Even though this is not the case, it is sometimes a good idea for a doctor who has those concerns to call the claimant’s New Jersey Social Security disability attorney to talk about the issues.

Doctors should, however, be greatly concerned when it comes to describing the status of their patient. It is very important that doctors do not describe their patient as being more disabled than he or she is. Doing this would, in essence, render the doctor’s opinion ineffective when trying to decide whether the patient meets the Administration’s requirements to be found disabled.

Some physicians also wonder whether or not they should even complete the forms, especially if they believe that their patient can maintain work at a regular full-time job; however, an attorney may advise doctors to do so anyway for a variety of reasons. The claimant’s attorney might wish to establish the impact of a small number of physical limitations in combination with some sort of mental impairment in order to establish disability. If you need the services of a reputable New Jersey Social Security disability attorney, contact Zager Fuchs, PC for a free consultation.