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Should you pursue Social Security disability benefits in New Jersey?

Are you unable to work because of an injury or a physical or mental illness that has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months? If the answer is yes, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. However, the process of seeking disability benefits can be long and complicated. The Social Security Administration is a huge government bureaucracy with many complex rules and regulations.

Consider obtaining the assistance of an experienced New Jersey Social Security disability lawyer. A Social Security attorney can help you to navigate the system and improve your chances of success.

How we help Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex County New Jersey Social Security disability applicants

We analyze what each of our New Jersey disability clients needs to prove to win benefits and we figure out how best to prove it. We then gather the evidence necessary to present the strongest possible claim for each client. As required by the particular case, we will:

  • Make sure the Social Security Administration has all of the client’s relevant medical records and test results. The Social Security Administration requires a lot of medical documentation and a claim may be denied if medical records or test results are missing or incomplete.
  • Obtain written opinions from treating doctors about the nature and severity of a client’s impairments. A treating doctor’s opinion can carry significant weight with the Social Security Administration and even be controlling if it meets certain requirements.
  • Refer clients to specialists for further examination and testing. Some clients have symptoms that have never been evaluated by the right type of specialist or medical test. If a claimant’s symptoms are not consistent with medical records, further investigation may be required to explain them.
  • Prepare clients to testify effectively at their hearings. Most clients will ultimately have to testify at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Truthful, specific, detailed testimony is essential.
  • Prepare witnesses to testify on a client’s behalf. Testimony from family, friends, and co-workers or supervisors can help the Social Security Administration understand how a medical impairment affects a claimant’s ability to work.
  • Question witnesses at the hearing and object to improper questions or evidence.
  • Cross-examine adverse witnesses, such as medical and vocational experts, presented by the Social Security Administration at the hearing.
  • Prepare and present legal arguments to the Administrative Law Judge.

Review our website for answers to your questions about Social Security disability in New Jersey

We have prepared this website to answer your questions about all aspects of the Social Security disability evaluation process. Its 100 pages are loaded with valuable information. Here is a sampling.

Do you have questions about whether to apply?

  • Read Are You Disabled to learn how the Social Security Administration defines the term “disabled” and decides if you meet the definition.
  • View the video Are You Likely to Qualify at the top of this page for an introduction to disability determination.

Do you have questions about a particular disability?

Do you have questions about appealing?

  • Download our free e-booklet, Appealing a Denial of Benefits, for practical advice.
  • Sign up for the e-mailed “Lessons on winning benefits” available in the upper right corner of this page for 10 lessons on appeals and the disability hearing.

Do you want to know what you can do to help with your case?

  • See Tips for obtaining benefits for some important steps you can take to provide the Social Security Administration with the information and evidence needed for a favorable determination.
  • Read Record your symptoms to learn how keeping a diary can strengthen your case and for sample charts you can use to make your own diary.

Do you have questions about your hearing?

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